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Работа, резюме и вакансии / Резюме / Технический надзор, строительная экспертиза
32 года (родился 07 ноября 1986), мужчина
Гражданство: Россия
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As-built Documentation Inspector

По договорённости, работа вахтовым методом

Опыт работы 8 лет и 6 месяцев

    • апрель 2017 – работает сейчас
    • 1 год и 9 месяцев

    As-built Documentation Engineer / Site Log Books Coordinator

    South Tambey LNG Russian Branch (TechnipFMC, Chiyoda, JGC) (via Intertek), Сабетта


    Project: «Construction of Integrated Facility for Gas Production, Treatment, Liquefaction, LNG and Gas Condensate Offloading for the Yuzhno-Tambey GCF» (Yamal LNG) (EPC-contract) - Control over the timely and correct execution by subcontractors of as-built documentation in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation and the procedure for the management of turnover documentation (in Russian and English) - In case of detection of violations in the field of quality, terms and order of as-built documentation, issuance of comments to subcontractors with subsequent control of their timely elimination - Coordination of the process of signing the as-built documentation packages between the participants of construction - Work with the documentation of the quality control Department (ITP, RFI, QCF, laboratory reports, passports and certificates, punch lists, NCR) - Creation of as-built documentation matrices for types of work, according to the technological process and sections of the project - Participation in scheduled and unscheduled inspections of state Supervisory bodies (Rostekhnadzor) in terms of quality and order of as-built documentation - Preparation for acceptance and transfer to the archive of bilingual turnover documentation on paper and electronic media Progress: - The conclusion on compliance of the constructed capital construction object to requirements of technical regulations (norms and rules), other regulatory legal acts and project documentation was received - State permission for commissioning of the main technological facilities of the 1st stage of the LNG plant was obtained
    • август 2014 – апрель 2017
    • 2 года и 9 месяцев

    As-built documentation inspector

    Intertek, Москва


    Project: «Oil pipeline system Caspian Pipeline Consortium. Expansion Project» (CPC-R) - Execution of functions of construction control customer for checking sets of turnover documentation (working documentation, permitting documentation, as-built & technical documentation, operating documentation) - Checking and confirmation of the willingness of Contractors to implement the objectives of the project (availability of licenses, certificates, equipment and qualified staff, modern equipment, the compliance of the laboratories of quality control of work requirements for this type of activity, staffing of construction sites design and other normative and technical documentation) - Supervision of the permitting and as-built documentation at all complex of works on construction and commissioning of pumping stations (Civil, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Sanitary Engineering, Water Supply and Sewage, Fire Fighting, Piping, Electrical, Cathodic Protection, Electrical Networks, Control Systems, Industrial Services, Telecommunications, Ecology) - Participation in customer audits and inspections of Rostechnadzor at the observance of the procedure of construction control - Drawing up daily, weekly and monthly reports on construction supervision - Archiving of documents (acts, opinions, instructions, registers, reports) Progress: Handover of objects in operation
    • декабрь 2013 – август 2014
    • 9 месяцев

    Engineer industrial engineering department

    SeverNefteGazStroy LLC


    Objects: «Construction of technological facilities on the installation of preliminary preparation of oil, «Osa». Plant for the production of oil and gas №5»; «Construction of the gas plant on the installation preliminary water-0902 «Malaya Usa» Plant for the production of oil and gas №9»; «Construction of the flare management at the booster pumping station-0883, 0886, 0888 Baklanovskiy oil fields. Plant for the production of oil and gas №8»; «Construction and completion of wells Aptugayskiy oil fields. Installation of preliminary water discharge at the booster pump station-0344. Plant for the production of oil and gas №3»; «Construction and completion of wells Krasnoyaro-Kuedinskoe oil fields. Plant for the production of oil and gas №2» - Incoming inspection of working documentation - Calculation of the design and the actual amount of work - Selection of materials - Design of works, project production of cranes - Preparation of permitting and as-built documentation for the objects Lukoil - Work with the author and technical supervision of the customer Progress: Handover of objects in operation
    • июнь 2012 – декабрь 2013
    • 1 год и 7 месяцев

    Engineer industrial engineering department



    Project: «North-European gas pipeline» (Nord Stream) - Design, preparation and completion of the as-built documentation for the delivery of the acceptance committee on standards of Gazprom (Welding registers, insulation installation works register, excavation works register & general works register maintenance. Development of as-built drawings, hidden works inspection acts, critical structures acts, permissions for insulation works, insulation integrity inspections acts, laying and ballasting acts, pipeline back filling acts) - Preparation for acceptance and transfer to the archive Gazprom of turnover documentation Progress: Handover of objects in operation
    • январь 2012 – июнь 2012
    • 6 месяцев

    Construction and installation works foreman

    Construction management №8 CJSC


    Project: «Onshore processing facility. Kirinskoye condensate field facilities construction. Complex gas treatment unit site» (Sakhalin-3) - Planning and organization of work, allocation of tasks to different periods of the production process and control of their execution - Monitoring compliance with safety regulations at the facility - Incoming inspection of building materials, structures, products - Examination of the hidden works and critical structures in the construction process - Instrumental control of structures - Conducting as-built documentation on standards Gazprom Progress: Handover of objects in operation
    • июль 2010 – декабрь 2011
    • 1 год и 6 месяцев

    Leading engineer in the engineering support

    Permavtodor JSC


    - Technical supervision of the construction project - Monitoring compliance with safety regulations at the facility - Coordination of design changes during construction - Checking and signing the acts of the as-built documentation - Checking and signing the acts of acceptance of work performed - Issuance of prescriptions subcontractors and control over their execution Progress: Delivery of object in operation


    • Высшее образование
    • Дневная/Очная
    • 2010

    Perm State Technical University

    Специальность: Bridges and transport tunnels

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1. Professional experience in the construction of oil and gas pipelines, LNG plant, pumping stations, complex gas, compressor stations, gas power plants, treatment and pumping of oil, diesel pump stations. 2. Experience with the customer, public services, technical supervision, contractors. 3. Experience with as-built & technical documentation on an international project. 4. Experience with regulatory and technical documentation. (Yamal LNG, Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Gazprom, Lukoil, Transneft). 5. Experience in AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, EDMS, EasyPlant, Fusion, Documentum, Project. 6. Experience with the drawings. 7. Operational level of English. 8. Certificate of industrial safety in the oil and gas industry. 9. Experience working with an international EPC company.

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